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Steampunk expansion

Steampunk expansion

SKU: FT005

Industry and science advance unstoppable. Cities grow between chimneys steam and secret basement experiments.


This include an expansion pack of 15 cards for your FATUM deck.


Expansion pack card list is the following:


-Gunslinger / Sharpshooter (BG)

-Inventor / Devout (BG)

-Mechanic / Scrap dealer (BG)

-Alchemist / Archaeologist (BG)

-Magnate / Politician (BG)

-Gambler / Gravedigger (BG)

-Hybrid (R)

-Experiment (R)

-Clockwork familiar (Bo)

-Clockwork golem (Bo)

-Time travel (E)

-Mechanic Prosthetic Limb (E)

-Submarine / Airship (P)

-Train / Carriage (P)

-Wokshop / Time Machine (P)


The product will be shipped from January 2022.

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