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SCI-FI Expansion

SCI-FI Expansion

SKU: FT004

Space missions full of dangers and new forms of life. The stars they hide a multitude of secrets ready to be discovered.


This include an expansion pack of 15 cards for your FATUM deck.


Expansion pack card list is the following:


  • Bountyhunter / Fugitive (BG)
  • Enginner / IT Specialist (BG)
  • Pilot / Crewmember (BG)
  • Pathfinder / Conqueror (BG)
  • Space entity (BG)
  • Cyborg (R)
  • Alien (R)
  • Tech enhanced (R)
  • Genetically enhanced (R)
  • Exploration mission / Unauthorized mission (E)
  • Pleasure Trip / Business Trip (E)
  • Spaceship / Escape Pod (P)
  • Terraformed Planet / Hazardous Planet (P)
  • Exoplanet / Planet (P)
  • Far galaxy / Current galaxy (P)


The product will be shipped from January 2022.



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