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Custom Commissioned Fatum Card

Custom Commissioned Fatum Card

Get your own custom Fatum card.

Would you like to have your character among your collection of fatum cards? Maybe make an original gift for a friend? Do you have any special moment, or NPC in your setting worthed to be immortalized and to be used in your Fatum draws? Now You can commission us a card and choose the category (character, background, bound, event, place or race). Even choose the single or double card option.


You will receive:

  • 6 printed copies of originals fatum cards with your commissioned artwork on them, one of them signed by our main artist Esther Sanz. This card will be fully compatible with fatum system.
  • PDF Hi-Res file so you can print it for personal use.



  • Simple card (150€): artwork fills the whole card. Only a character, event or place.
  • Double-card (200€): A character, place, or event on each half of the card, or a couple that fills the whole card.


The delivery date will be negotiated personally. Minimum 30 business days.

    Sales Tax Included
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