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Quiénes somos

The Campaign Journal

Write all the info of your role campaign and order them by sections, whether you are a DM or a player.

Hard cover with gold stamping.
Multi language: english, spanish, german and french.

A5 size (8.3 x 5.8 inches) (21 x 14.8cm).

120 pages, 100g bone color paper + 2 pages of color stickers included.
Valid for any game and setting.
Pages with different designs distributed in:

-15 main plot pages.

-23 subplots pages.

-12 seeds pages. (120 seeds)

-12 characters pages. (24 characters)

-18 NPCs pages. (54 NPCs)

-14 notes pages. 

-10 events pages. (110 events)

-5 spells pages. (40 spells)

-8 maps pages.

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