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Gastos de envío gratis a España penínsular en pedidos superiores a 50€.


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Campaign journal deluxe

Write your RPG campaign in this deluxe journal suitable for any role playing game. Hard cover. 120 pages. 

Stickers included.

Fatum Dark Myths cards on a table

Character creator cards

FATUM is a powerful yet easy tool to create full-fledged characters and stories.

Masquerade tarot box and cards



Tarot deck of 78 cards: 22 major and 56 minor arcana with exclusive illustrations with erotic and mystical touches

get the fatum app

Create characters and storylines in your Android and IOs devices. Save and manage characters.
Available in English and Spanish.

A laptop and mobile showing Fatum cards app in their screens

Fatum Fantasy is back!

There have been so many requests for its restock, so we have opted to reprint it in a new, lighter and cheaper format.

New box but the same cards! you can enjoy Fatum in it original Epic Fantasy setting.

If you missed them, preapre your spells, grab your equipment, take advantage and don't miss this chance!




What is Fatum?

FATUM is a powerful yet easy tool to create full-fledged RPG characters. Although built with roleplaying game systems in mind, it’s been developed to fuel other artistic creations, whether you are a writer, a screenwriter or an illustrator.

FATUM is beautifully illustrated with exclusive artwork and carefully designed to delight game masters and players alike!

Enjoy creating new characters and their own unique stories. In no time you’ll have a full-developed chronicle for your PC (or NPC!) FATUM deck allows you to:

  • Generate characters and their linked stories in a short time.

  • Produce a quick yet full story for an NPC (Non Player Character) when suddendly required on the table.

  • Build a character story on the fly for a game in course.

  • In case of a story partially created, finish it later quickly and randomly.


FATUM cards are French-tarot size (61 mm x 112 mm), so any standard card sleeve will fit perfectly.

Cards are divided into six categories:  Characters, Backgrounds, Bonds, Events, Places and Races.

All cards from the same category have the same back and each category’s back is different, which makes it easy to identify!

FATUM was funded sucessfully on kickstarter in June, 2020 with the 1633 backers' support.
22 extra cards was added into basic deck thanks to reach stretch goals.

beatiful card of Fatum Fantasy deck

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