Ancient Deity Pack (Complete Collection plus Deluxe Box)

Ancient Deity Pack (Complete Collection plus Deluxe Box)


You are ordering our most recent Kickstarter campaign Collector's all in pledge! This article includes all of our material of both Kickstarters campaigns.


You will receive the New God’s rewards plus one copy of Fatum: Character Creator Deck and one copy of Mythological Races expansion.


(EU Mythological Races new envelopes are Sold Out, we will serve old versions with transparent envelope an all non U.S.A or Australian orders)




✨ Fatum: Character Creator Deck

🐙 Fatum: DARK MYTHS deck


💀 Gothic Punk Expansion

⚙️ Steampunk expansion

🪐 SCI-FI expasion

🌟 Epic Paths expansion

🧚 Mythological Races expansion

🃏 Foil card: Legendary Hero

🃏 Foil card: Dark Myths campaign card

🎲 8-sided dice

🍪 Metal Coin

📖 Notebook