Pack Fantasy+Dark Myths (Our Main Decks collection)

Pack Fantasy+Dark Myths (Our Main Decks collection)


This pack contens:

Fatum Fantasy character creator deck (SKU: FT001-KS)
Contents include cards deck and a textile playmat where cards are played. All smoothly fitting into an exclusively designed lid-bottom box.

What will we find inside?

  • a card deck
  • Textile playmat
  • Rulebook
  • 95 cards.


Fatum Dark Myths deck (SKU: PO-DM)


An easy tool designed to create full-fledged RPG characters. Although in our first Kickstarter we built it with fantastic/ epic roleplaying game systems in mind, we have improved our system and we could use it for a great variety of roleplaying system.


That include:

  • desk of 88 cards
  • playmat
  • rulebook
  • all packed in an exclusive box.


*dice not includes

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