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Gothic Punk Expansion

Gothic Punk Expansion

SKU: FT006

Vampires, werewolves and other supernatural rule the night. Create characters for your games of urban gothic narrative full of mystery and magic.


This include an expansion pack of 14 cards for your FATUM deck.


Expansion pack card list is the following:


  • Modern Mage (BG)
  • Hunter (BG)
  • Ancient Vampire / Young Vampire (R)
  • Elder Werewolf / Rookie Werewolf (R)
  • Social Vampire / Warrior Vampire (R)
  • Urbanite Werewolf / Wild Werewolf (R)
  • Spirit / Zombie (R)
  • Confidant / Slave (Bo)
  • Hunt / Slaughter (E)
  • Frenzy / Seeking redemption (E)
  • Sacred place / Cursed place (P)
  • Hideout / Haven (P)
  • Night Club / Library (P)
  • Friendly territory / Enemy Territory (P)


The product will be shipped from January 2022.

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